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The Spring in your Step

Trusting the rusting process to erode the road that leads my head down this spiral code. So here we go.

While you sit and stand and walk and squat I’d like to know whether you are conscious of your own body or not. Are you attached at the hip to yourself or lit like the rear end of a firework about to launch, disconnecting your roots from the Source?

Of course you ought to know by now that the faster you go the easier it pours and flows from your fingertips. No matter how many times I tell you your wrists are still resting too much. Roll em around and take em on the town get em out of your basement apartment and shake other wrists until your barriers melt into a pool of communal drool from being slackjawed and awed at the amazing feats a few beatniks can accomplish. I wish that everyone remained this sharp and tuned but I guess you need numbness in communes or else the overstimulation would lead to gross exhaustion. Walking, once again, aught to be an enlightening experience, lifting up and over, not dragging you down deeper toward the ground. Where’d that spring in your step go?

Has all this talk about posture lost your attention? Well that’s precisely the pitfall of it all. Once we lose attention we lose retention of our spine. The slouch sets in and the couch calls you by name. Since when has scrunching seemed easier? It used to be that being nicely stacked was the natural way to react, and now we’re slowly growing hunchbacks! Don’t give in! Fight back! Remember though that it won’t take much of a fight, because once the energy starts to flow, everything starts to fall back into place and there will be an omnipresent grin upon your face.



Tracing the outlines of objects with my nose,
Just so I really know where the edge of one thing ends and another begins.
Here you will find two twins, identical letters of differing sizes,
Larger, smaller, shrinking centers of circles among other depth cues
That let us know where we stand in space and which way we face.
Cornell West puts it best when he suggests tuning into LOVE cues,
Speak the Truth, stand that spine UP
The only way someone can ride your back is if it’s all hunched and scrunched. 

Who cares if it’s rambly?
That’s what happens when you witness someone letting go and tapping into the flow.
Creativity springing from the source? Of course criticism sings like a chorus from the very sleepwalkers he speaks to.
It’s not your notes they want, it’s your experience!
We all know you were there, but what we don’t know just yet is were you awake? Barely enough just to take notes?
Or jumbled and jostled inside to shake the head cage rattling dormant ideas loose?

Every single day practice in your very own way.
Start with simply ONE minute full of conviction then STOP.
When you start small and nurture what you’ve GOT,
Those small seeds begin to sprout and that one minute multiplies to two, four, eight, ten, continues to grow to twenty, until time isn’t even in the picture.
That tiny daily practice soon becomes engrained and the months and years of repetition become the soul’s nutrition.
Even if you don’t feel much from the practice,
you will certainly feel its absence.
When you fall out of the swing of things (which you absolutely will)
Don’t beat yourself up.
Just feel the expanse of the lack, trace the outline of the hole with your nose as you build up suspense and wait for the thirst to surface,
For the best reminders come from within!
Before you know it, you’ll naturally find yourself back on that familiar edge between the end of one thing and the beginning of the next.
Whether the practice is old or new, give yourself something to do.
I know I deserve it… do you?


Sometimes it seems like there is no alternative to unsustainable life.
Sometimes it feels like there’s no alternative to paradoxical ways two three four open up and explore three two wonder where to go next cause I know it will be with you.
Whatever it is you feel you lack is really there to get you back on track.
The time that lapsed has skewed the past and sliding past the finish line last are the leftover seconds and perforated pay stubs you’ve already cashed.
Slipping through the cracks is normal these days.
Blend right in with the horizontal haze.
Glancing out with the most glorious gaze.
I was once told by an old sage that life is very long and there is plenty of time for it all.

Geodesic Dome Time


Every person holds vast wisdom within.
Every single person has intuition.
No matter how out of touch with it you become, it always remains.
That is what meditation is for.
You’re not in a classroom, listening to someone speak or watching some educational film.
You simply sit with yourself, allow your senses to re-sensitize, and begin to learn.
All of a sudden you realize you are the Teacher and the Student.
The intuition grows and the mind-body-spirit knows that for your entire life you will have access to this very important information about yourself.
Through meditation, you begin to feel every inch of your body, inside and outside.
You find your center and explore where and why you are out of balance.
Once balance is achieved, you start to expand as the distinct separation between the end of your skin and the beginning of the air begins to dissipate.
The You and the Not You merge into one unit, union, unity, bliss.
You realize you are not the body, you are not the mind.
What are you?
You are weightless, you are matter-less, you don’t matter,
you are glimmer of light, dimmer at night, inner sight,  left and right infinite kite flight.
Only a string separates heaven from earth, and for what it’s worth you’re already here!
Heaven is near, heaven is weird because it’s not some place in outer space, more of a mind-state.
Circular home, decagon resonating tone, is it better alone or shared?
I think you know.
I want to continue sharing my life with her, paint each other’s faces and dance around our fire.
Why are you so cautious about dogs?  Open your heart and hear a bark emit from your human mouth!
Become what you fear, do not turn and run, what’s the fun in skipping over all of life’s obstacles, huh?
You certainly won’t get a golden plastic trophy that way.
Just remember, hopefully, we’re only here to PLAY.


I like to shake the entire body just to say “HEY” wake up,
this is what’s happening right now, this is the Now! 
Holy cow it’s so easy to escape these days. 
There’s always some way to get hooked by a thought-line-trick. 
One of the easiest slips to make in fact. 
The fact that we have yet to realize,
or seem to forget, is that it takes MORE effort to think than to rest. 
Just rest. 
Relax the head twirl thought whirl
and slow the rotation of the brain carousel. 
In and Out. 
Constant fluctuation of life breath. 
Beat after beat we feel more complete. 
A people of nature we are, not too far
from all the other creatures on this plane,
created out of nothing you know out of plain thin air. 
But where? 
Stop that. 
You can’t fulfill every impulse,
but you certainly can’t restrain them all either. 
The further we press our inner guidance away,
the harder it will bounce right back when you least expect it,
in the worst time imaginable, just because. 
So you might as well surrender, in a good way you see,
willfully laying down arms, lowering barriers, erasing borders
between yourself and all that surrounds you.
The stem arises from the Source, Of course.  
Life is love and love is allowed.
So go ahead and flick yourself in between the eyebrows now.

My camera cut off the recording after 5 minutes, so the end is cut short, but hopefully you can still enjoy most of the song. Thanks!


Vasudeva Vasudeva Namaste Namaste
Saraswati Saraswati Om Namo Bhagavate Satchidananda

(The God Within The Light Within Bows to the Light Within You
She who has flow knows the essence of life is Truth, Knowledge and Bliss)

Listen to the music and let it pull your heart strings
Listen to the music and let it make your heart sing
Don’t get caught up in the words that I am saying
Just tune your antenna to the love vibrating

This song could be the spark to your spiritual inquiry
This song could be the start of your spiritual journey
This song could be the push that you need

Walking around taking measurements with the mind, you won’t find any proof
Because the five tools (senses) you’re using are limited to a sliver of the spectrum
So open wide on the inside, know there’s more
There’s just gotta be more than what I can hear and see
Oh my gosh how silly of me to think that this is all there is
So I thank my Higher Self for showing me that this is not all there is

Listen to the music and let it pull your heart strings
Listen to the music and let it make your heart sing
Half of you listening never thought you’d like this kind of thing
But that’s just what happens when the third eye is opening

This song could be the spark to your spiritual inquiry
This song could be the start of your spiritual awakening
This song could be the start of your spiritual journey
This song could be the push that you need

Vasudeva Vasudeva Namaste Namaste
Saraswati Saraswati Om Namo Bhagavate Satchidananda

(The God Within The Light Within Bows to the Light Within You
She who has flow knows the essence of life is Truth, Knowledge and Bliss)

The Lottery

Slowly learning to dig deep, not archaeologically or physically,
But rather a mental journey through the past and into the present,
Navigating curves, picking up clues, feeling how the reds all the way to the blues
Affect me emotionally, giving space for the feelings to grow flowers
Instead of mowing my mental mind-lawn every time it begins to sprout
Beyond social borders, the orders of others can only penetrate a thin gate
Remember the Breath is your most powerful tool, only a fool
Loses touch with the pulse, must we trust all the fluff catching rides
On electromagnetic waves distracting us from the ever-unfolding miracle
Just in front of us?

If we shrink or expand, how to return to how we began?
Sometimes it’s hard to uncarve soft wood, or even recall our own fall.
Were we chopped at the base or did we choose to face-plant on the floor
Among flowers looking up toward towers instead of down upon dominion?
The opinion of indigenous needs infinite attention.
Listen to Elders instead of Televisions, their visions of the future are rooted
In ancient wisdom, all of history is about to converge in catastrophic collapse,
Our ancestors are shouting, begging us to change the direction and intention,
Not to mention the rate of consumption that inevitably leads to an abrupt ending
to a strange and unprecedented story, will our glory be remembered
Or will the embers glow until just before dawn when the yawn
Of a New Earth awakening is happening?

Although the succession of lottery balls fell in our favor and made us rich quick,
The much larger ball we inhabit is swerving off the road and into a ditch!
So those of us who are sensitive and awake are preparing and learning how to cope
And survive in an unfavorable world where the weight of responsibilities grows
So those of you who know how to subsist PLEASE show those of us on the list
Of conscious awareness the ropes and the path to reconnect with the Earth, 
Our Mother, Our Host, because together we thrive and alone we die. 

108 Ways Yoga Can Save the World

Reason #3:  Hatha Yoga

If you have ever attended an organized yoga class at a yoga studio, school, or gym, you have probably caught a glimpse of Hatha Yoga.  

Hatha Yoga is one of the six branches of Yoga.  In Sanskrit “Ha” means sun and “tha” means moon, so coming together the two syllables conjure a meaning of balance between the many dualities of the world.  Sun and moon, light and dark, energetic and lazy, white and black, simple and complex.  This branch encompasses many of the physical attributes of yoga, including Asana, Pranayama and Kriyas.  Asanas are physical postures,  pranayama are breathing practices, and kriyas are purification or cleansing practices.  Each one of these aspects will be explained in detail on their own after we make our way through the six main branches of Yoga.

So how can Hatha Yoga help save the world?  By bringing people back into balance, back into equilibrium on the gross level, the physical level of being.  Achieving physical balance with the functions of the body leads to more optimal health by establishing and strengthening one’s self-awareness.  By beginning a hatha yoga practice, we begin a journey of self-discovery.  By becoming more aware of the gross, physical level, we fine tune our sensitivity to the more subtle sensations of the body, the flowing of the blood, the rhythm of the breath, the patterns of underlying emotions, and most importantly, the ability to relax.  

Sure we know where our hips and hamstrings are located, but when we begin to engage them and invigorate them, we begin to feel them and a two-way communication pathway is created.  From birth until twenties our bodies go through immense physical change, and it can be a bumpy and confusing journey of either denial or acceptance (another duality).  From our twenties onwards many of us lose body-awareness and spend most of our time dwelling in the head under the mistaken presumption that consciousness exists only in the brain.  Practicing Hatha Yoga encourages our consciousness to seep down from the brain and spread throughout every cell in the body, enlivening our physical vessels.  

Hatha yoga will help people feel young, healthy, active, and useful.  It is the first step we can take away from mainstream pharmaceutical healthcare and toward holistic self-care.  We are equipping ourselves with a more detailed map of our own individual physical form, becoming more apt at telling where there is an imbalance and how to address it before it reaches the point where we need to be externally dosed as opposed to healing from within.  

Many interpretations of Hatha Yoga exist, but the main reason I think it derives from Sun and Moon is that we are meant to practice hatha yoga as regularly as the appearances of the Sun and the Moon in the sky.

108 Ways Yoga Can Save The World

Reason #2: Yoga is All-encompassing

There are six branches of yoga, which holistically comprises every aspect of human life.

"Seed of Life" by Kate Zamarchi -

HATHA YOGA - Path of Physical, including Asana (poses), Pranayama (breathing), Kriyas (purifications)

RAJA YOGA - Royal path, study of spiritual texts like the Yoga Sutras

JAPA YOGA - Path of Mantra, chanting, repetition

JNANA YOGA - Path of the Mind, self-inquiry, meditation, ‘who am I?’

BHAKTI YOGA - Path of Devotion, heart full of love

KARMA YOGA - Path of Selfless Service, performing actions with no attachment to fruits of labors or expectation of anything in return

When many people hear the word “yoga”, they only consider going through some nice stretches on a mat, which is only the Asana practice.  As one can see, Asana is but a berry on one branch of a much larger tree.  As long as one views yoga simply as an exercise or physical practice, he or she will not understand that yoga is actually a worldview and way of life.  To step back and widen one’s perspective is to open up and create a space for the entire Path of Yoga to enter into and wind through one’s life.

Tag along as we venture further out onto each branch of the yogic path in the upcoming entries.

Mandala provided by Kate Zamarchi at

an april poem called “despite the weather” by nate oxenfeld
i worship the sun i worship the mooni worship god every day at noonwhen i sit on the floor with my legs in a knotsimply reminding my mind what not to dothe longer i sit the more it becomes truethat love and peace are ever present in you
i worship the sun i worship the lighti worship god each and every nightwhen i connect with breath i connect with sourceever enrolled as a student in the Universe-ity
i worship the sun i worship the earthtry to view every being for all that they’re worthnamaste resonates in constant vibrationssee yourself in each face of all nationsthank god for the gifts of yoga and meditationand all other subtle practices that help to awaken the subtle energetic body and the nadis circulation
we’re open we’re open to cosmic waves
we’re hoping we’re hoping for golden days
he esoterically explores his internal caves
she makes a difference when she prays
i worship the sun i worship the seain order to explore deep inside of meto shine the candle’s soft dim lighton parts of me that spread fear and try to use frightinstead of movements stemming from dantianwe are all too often led by head and by braintai chi and qigong help return to the centerthank your own higher self for bringing you here nowdespite the weather

an april poem called “despite the weather” by nate oxenfeld

i worship the sun i worship the moon
i worship god every day at noon
when i sit on the floor with my legs in a knot
simply reminding my mind what not to do
the longer i sit the more it becomes true
that love and peace are ever present in you

i worship the sun i worship the light
i worship god each and every night
when i connect with breath i connect with source
ever enrolled as a student in the Universe-ity

i worship the sun i worship the earth
try to view every being for all that they’re worth
namaste resonates in constant vibrations
see yourself in each face of all nations
thank god for the gifts of yoga and meditation
and all other subtle practices that help to awaken 
the subtle energetic body and the nadis circulation

we’re open we’re open to cosmic waves

we’re hoping we’re hoping for golden days

he esoterically explores his internal caves

she makes a difference when she prays

i worship the sun i worship the sea
in order to explore deep inside of me
to shine the candle’s soft dim light
on parts of me that spread fear and try to use fright
instead of movements stemming from dantian
we are all too often led by head and by brain
tai chi and qigong help return to the center
thank your own higher self for bringing you here now
despite the weather

(via thecreatorsproject)

The Electric Bicycle

I finally did it.  After a year of imagining, contemplating, and researching the world of electric bicycles, I went ahead and took the plunge.  I purchased an UltraMotor Fast4ward Peak.

My original dream regarding an electric bicycle was to bike across the United States on one and stop to recharge at different eco-villages and intentional communities of the like.  Since my cross-country plans haven’t fully materialized, I put the e-bike plan on the back burner.  Well after moving to Asheville, NC and getting a full time job located eleven miles from my house, I seriously started reconsidering.  I knew it would be an investment, but one that would eventually pay for itself in saving gas money.  My search began in Asheville.  The only place I could find an e-bike was Bio Wheels downtown, and the only one they had in stock was out of my price range.  My next stop was the internet.  After scourging the web, not only did I find a bike that fit my needs and budget, but I found that exact model being sold as an open-box special from a bike store in Massachusetts.  Two days after placing my order I was informed that they actually sold the last open-box bike so they would be sending me a brand new one for the open-box price.  So I ended up getting a Fast4ward Peak for several hundred dollars less than the market price of $1499.

The Peak has a 36V lithium ion battery and a 250 watt brushless hub motor in the back wheel.  It has two power options, a throttle for unassisted cruising, and a pedal-assist mode for assisted riding.  According to the UltraMotor website, the Fast4ward Peak has a max speed of 20 mph and maximum range of 50 miles in pedal-assist mode, and a battery charge time of 3.5 hours.   From my experience with it so far, the pedal-assist mode is the way to go.  The 250 watt motor isn’t powerful enough to make it up Asheville’s hills with the throttle alone, but as soon as you flick it into pedal-assist mode and you input your human power, getting up steep hills requires very little effort.  I really only use the throttle on flat ground.  So far, the stats have been all been true.  My twelve mile trip to work has been taking a mere 40 to 45 minutes to complete.  A ride to work and back leaves me with about a 60% charge remaining.  I haven’t ridden the battery all the way down yet, but with that math I can go at least fifty miles on one charge.  

Not only has this bike been extremely practical for my new situation here, but it has been lots of fun!  Setting out on a multiple-mile ride with an electric bike has proven to be much different.  I have no dread of hills and don’t have to worry about showing up to work covered in sweat and drained of energy.  When I first went through with my purchase, I was worried that riding an electric bicycle would ruin my passion for regular bikes, not to mention my fear of becoming lazy.  Quite the contrary on both accounts!  After defeating previously unimaginable hills and heights on my e-bike, I have accessed a renewed reserve of energy when riding on my regular road bike.  It’s hard to explain without trying it yourself, but after trying biking with a little electric helper at my feet, I am reminded of how much power I have on my own without the help of a motor.  And I definitely have not become lazy.  I have been biking more now than I ever have, logging fifty to a hundred miles a week.

Lo and behold, a few weeks after receiving my electric bicycle in the mail, a new shop opened up in the River Arts district of Asheville that exclusively sells electric bicycles.  When I saw the sign for Fast Lane Electric Bikes, I got very excited and talked to the lady inside for a while.  They have a huge selection of electric bikes from the low $1000s to the $3000s as well as all kinds of accessories and fun and stylish gadgets.  I’ll be going back soon to pick up a reflective vest and maybe take some photos to post on here. 

Sacred economics, oneness, gift economy, unity, healing the earth, love.  

The choice is ours.  Let’s work to reconnect.